Hi! My name is Kathryn Miedaner, but you can call me Katie Beth. I am twenty two years old, and I just received my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Sewanee: The University of the South. Tucked away on the Cumberland Plateau, this liberal arts college, comprised just short of 1,500 students, takes thorough satisfaction instilling pride in all its traditions while also promoting student leadership, growth, and independence. During my time at Sewanee, I had the privilege to spend two summers abroad while pursuing my Economic’s degree. From exploring the economic development of China to observing success of poverty alleviation through microfinance in Bangladesh, I gained a cross cultural sense of appreciation for the unfamiliar, and my desire for traveling the world was ignited.

For my fellow travelers, you can all agree that experiencing new places is well….addicting. So when I came across the University of North Florida’s GlobalMBA program, it was a “no brainer” to apply.  At UNF, the GlobalMBA is comprised of a domestic MBA as well as an International Master’s in Intercultural Communications. The catch? You will be studying across the globe for FIFTEEN months. From Germany to Poland to China and back to the USA, you will, in fact, be exposed to a truly global business environment.

My two other American colleagues, Jocelyn Scott and Evan Brown, have embarked on the bold adventure as well. My intention with this blog is to share our experiences, memories, and accomplishments. So far, we have been in Germany for about one month. The transition of moving to a “home away from home” as well as starting a master’s program has made the days a bit hectic. Nonetheless, there were ample opportunities to capture the moments of our time so far.

Our first stop: Munich, Germany. 

As soon as our plane landed, three jet-lagged Americans dove into perhaps the most authentic german tradition: Oktoberfest. Otherwise known as Weisn, originating in 1810, Oktoberfest is a sixteen day festival celebrating Bavarian culture. More specifically, it honors the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage. Unbelievably, an average of six million people will consume seven million litres of beer each year. The only beers served are breweries located within local limits and meet the German Purity Regulations.

We fortunately showed up on a weekday, so the tents were not too crowded. By not too crowded, I mean there were fortunately three available seats in a tent that seated 10,000 people. We were told there was an international tent, Hofbräu-München, so we began our German enriched celebration there.


The entrance to the festival


Evan a bit uncertain for the day’s festivities


Jocelyn and I trying our first Shandy (beer with Sprite)


Inside the international tent,  Hofbräu-München.


New, local friends.

All in all, the day was fantastic. We rode a roller coaster, and we tried delicious local foods including Weisswurst, Brezn, and Schweinsbraten (I would not recommend these treats before the roller coaster however). I was amazed with all the internationals we met; there even were people from the United States. Overall, experiencing Oktoberfest was a great start to our big adventure.

Until next time,

Katie Beth


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