Starbucks Sunday

It’s official: Starbucks Sunday is a thing.

Pure joy.
Pure joy.

It is the only place open where I can access unlimited Cafe Americano’s with free Wifi. Makes me feel close to home too. Currently I am taking a brief break from my Global Economics homework (thank you Professor Sander), and I would like to reflect on the highlight’s of my previous week.

Girls’ Night: the one phrase that has a synonymous meaning across cultures I have come to realize.

The Lovely Ladies
The Lovely Ladies

Our two Polish friends, Aga and Ali were more than willing to invite the girls over the second they found out the boys would be out of town. So on Tuesday night, an eclectic mixture of German, Polish, and American friends met for the occasion. Many hours were invested in snacks, wine, laughter, and bonding especially. It is unbelievable how close we have all become within a month. I am looking forward to the months to come. Also note that the lovely ladies were accepting towards my pet pig, Olly.

First Official Thesis Meeting: It finally happened. It is thesis season, ya’ll. The notorious, unbearable, yet gratifying assignment has officially started. This is probably the most important part of our GlobalMBA degree; according to past alumni, the thesis is the main spotlight in any given interview post grad life. The groups were selected, and I must admit, I felt like I was starring in the Hunger Games or something intimidating like that. The selection process was thoughtfully organized, as the professors aimed for the most cultural and gender diversity per group. One by one, the professor selected names from the hat to perfectly match the group criteria he fabricated.

the whole gang
the whole gang

I am part of the only All Female group. My group members include the wonderful Yi Cheng, Agnieszka Dzegan, and Katharina Scherkenbach. Looking forward to dive into our topic pertaining to the global energy industry!

Getting kicked out of our flat: Okay maybe I am being a little dramatic, but Jocelyn and I nonetheless were asked to not apply for next month’s rent at our current flat. Hmm.. what to say on that.. Basically, Jocelyn and I were crammed in a one person flat because finding housing, especially in Cologne, is extremely difficult when you are overseas. It nearly took Jocelyn and me 4 months to find a place, so we made the living situation as positive of a experience as we could… Until the Wifi stopped working completely. One can imagine the struggle of being a GlobalMBA student, where the majority of your work is done online, with no Wifi connection. I guess it is fair to say the landlord made a conscious effort to respond to our issues; however, the issues were never solved. Making a long story short, the landlord said it was best we find a place more suitable for our internet demands elsewhere.

That was a blessing in disguise. I mean, yes, Jocelyn and I were totally freaking out because we had less than 1 week to move out and find a new place for the next three months. Jocelyn took the matter with fortitude, as she nearly messaged over 40 possible listings within the next two days. Surprisingly she had many positive replies, we toured a few places, and finally we found a new flat! It was unbelievable that we found a new place to live in less than a week. Plus the flat is perfect, much more spacious, has its own laundry machine, an actual kitchen, and a lovely outdoor patio. Oh ya, there is Wifi too..  THE CATCH: we can’t move in until our money transfers to the landlord’s account. Hopefully this will be a smooth process and take less than a week. Our oh so kind friend, Evan, graciously offered his place for our temporary transition stage. It is, ehhhh, one big happy American family.

3 Americans living under 1 roof. Thx Evan, you da best.
3 Americans living under 1 roof. Thx Evan, you da best.

Last but not least: Halloween.

tRiCk Or TrEaT
tRiCk Or TrEaT

Although Halloween is originally an American tradition, Germany has picked up the tradition as well. Dressing up is of course the most important part. It was interesting to see the emphasis German’s put on gory and gothic costumes. It honestly looked like a zombie apocalypse invaded the streets of Cologne. The American’s dressed up as, well, typical American’s on Halloween: A kitty cat, an indian, and a member of a mariachi band. It was pretty apparent we stood out, but it was all fun celebrating with the incredible Cohort 14.

What’s coming up next for Cohort 14: Carnival, a weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland, and Project Week.

Until next time,

Katie Beth


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