C’ya later Cologne!

Cologne- you were great. The laid back city vibes will be missed. Now on to bigger cities, aka the capital of Poland: Warsaw. After a three hour flight delay, where the passengers were asked to remain seated on the boarded air craft, our plane finally took off. Don’t fret; two complimentary refreshments were served.. how gracious. Once arriving in Warsaw, Jocelyn and I were greeted with familiar faces, as our friend Aga so graciously picked us up from the air port. That option definitely beats attempting to figure out the transportation system on four hours of sleep (Did i forget to mention our flight was originally scheduled for 10am but was moved to 6am?). Anyways, all is well. Aga took great efforts in moving us into our new flats and including us in Polish activities. For example, today Aga invited all who are here to a celebration called Fat Thursday. Meanwhile I am hosting two of the German girls, Kati and Christina in my flat until they are allowed to move in to their flat.

Kati and Christina working hard or hardly working?
Kati and Christina working hard or hardly working?

They are quite easy company, as all they do is sit on a bed and work on a German Business Environment paper that was due before moving to Poland (SHHH!).

While on the subject of school, I think it is worth mentioning my previous semester in Cologne. So if you happen to be interested in the GlobalMBA, you can see what is in store for you!

1. Global Economics with Professor Sander. I think this class was my favorite. He was an inspiring teacher; always passionate about his lectures, constantly engaging with the students, and constantly providing real life examples that relate to his lectures. The exam consisted of essays, which I preferred considering my background is from a liberal arts school. He was particularly noteworthy in the sense that he enjoyed spending time with us outside of school hours as well. He organized a going away party at a famous brew house for us. Cheers to Professor Sander!

2. Game Theory and Business Strategy with Professor Heuchemer: Probably my second favorite class. It was challenging and engaging. We were split into teams each with a class lecture to cover. One group had to teach the class the Prisoner’s Dilemma for example. It was a variation to the typical American teaching style where the teacher basically covers all the lectures.

3. Statistics with Professor Khorram: Although this was familiar content, I enjoyed the group project. My group measured differentials in language fluency levels of our peers and families. We ended up finding statistically significant results so it was quite gratifying. Hopefully our professor will enjoy it as much as we did.

4. Intercultural Communications with Professor Meyers: This class was interesting as we explored the German culture thoroughly. It was interesting hearing the German natives give their take on the customs, traditions, and mannerisms we examined in class as well. One noteworthy moment was our group project (if you haven’t noticed a trend, this MBA program consists of many multinational group projects).

black forest cake
black forest cake

My group chose to further examine the significance of German Forests. As a treat, I decided to bring a traditional Black Forest Cake to class to share as part of our presentation. Warning: please note to  my fellow Americans that German cake mixes do not rise as substantially as American cake mixes do. You will be disappointed and confused with the final product.

5. Germany’s Business Environment with Professor Fritsche: This course was neat as we had a few lectures summarizing the history of Germany’s Social Market Economy transformation. The highlights of the course were field trips to Rhein Energie and Solar World.

My second semester at Warsaw University begins this Monday. Fingers crossed it goes well, and I will update you with details soon!

Until next time,

Katie Beth


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