Taking second semester by storm

Cześć! Hello from Warsaw. This post’s featured image is the view from my balcony; pretty sweet, right? The GlobalMBA has officially been here for one month, and I must say, we have no complaints! School began one week ago. I like how we have Monday’s and Friday’s off. Although we are sitting in lectures for six hours at a time, the four day weekends are perfect. It gives ample opportunities to travel.. and study of course! 

My favorite course so far is Applied Intercultural Communication: Poland. Applied Intercultural Communications is more of a workshop type course with ample amounts of team work and class discussion. Last class we were divided into our home countries and were asked to draw our home country’s most important symbols. It was interesting discussing our pictures. For example, the Polish group was very focused on family time, the Chinese had a major emphasis on tradition, the Germans illustrated organization and efficiency, and the Americans focused on competition and achievements.

Like all courses in the GlobalMBA, we are required to work in multinational teams for our group projects. It struck me odd the way teams were created at the University of Warsaw, however.In Germany, the teachers assigned us to our groups. We were very challenged at times with the fabrication of the groups. Some projects, for instance, were much more difficult to complete than others, depending on the team members. In Poland, on the other hand, the students have complete control as to who works in what group. I am not sure which method I like better. In my opinion, it seems to be a race as to who can text their friends the fastest to join the group.

My favorite Milk Bar
My favorite Milk Bar

Besides school, there are many great highlights Warsaw has to offer! One can eat traditional Polish food at cheap prices at the Milk Bars located throughout the city.Subsidized by the government, Milk Bars were originally aimed to feed the masses of people. What to order? The pierogi and the tomato soup are my favorite!

Last but not least, happy birthday to our fellow German GlobalMBA student, Kati! Thanks to Jocelyn, Aga, and Freya for taking the time to create such a delicious cake! joc

Until next time,

Katie Beth


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