Keeping Busy in Dalian

nĭ hăo!

That means hello in Chinese! The GlobalMBA14 cohort has successfully settled into Dalian. We have been here for about three weeks now. At this point, I think everyone is comfortable with their living situation, the crazy traffic, and the unusual food choices (except for the pig liver I accidentally tried yesterday!). We have also transitioned smoothly into our new environment with the help of our “Chinese Buddies.”

Prior to our arrival in China, each globalMBA student was assigned a Chinese buddy who is involved with our university. My buddy’s name was Ken. He reached out to me while I was still in Poland, and we began getting acquainted with one another. Turns out he is head of student admissions, and he also plans to participate in the GlobalMBA 15 in the fall! Ken was incredibly help in that he personally helped me and my roommate Kasia find an apartment close to the university at a reasonable price. The apartment is actually quite nice… nothing I was expecting to be honest. Besides searching for our apartment, Ken also insisted to pick us up at the Dalian Airport. Once we finally met him at the airport, he took us for our first authentic Dalian meal. This kindness was one of a kind. I have actually come to find out that this is actually typical Chinese culture. Needless to say, make sure to reach out to your Chinese buddy if you plan to participate in the program; they absolutely take an immense amount of stress off the culture shock.

Here is a list of great moments from Dalian thus far!

Dalian City tour arranged by the University


Participating in traditional Chinese dancing


New Foods!


Spending Friday’s at the beach


Sun and Honglin’s engagement!! ❤


I will give you more updates soon!

Until next time,

Katie Beth

PS- The classes at DUFE are actually quite interesting and more unique; we are getting an in depth analysis of how Chinese culture plays into Chinese business essentially in every course.


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