Business Visits in China

Da Jia Hao! I hope the week is treating you well; only one more day until Friday! I am currently in my favorite cafe sipping on a CocaCola Zero. It might be my third one, but who is to judge? In only a matter of two weeks I will be on my flight traveling back to America. I arrive in Atlanta, GA on July 25. With only 14 days left in Dalian, I, and the rest of the cohort, plan to embrace every moment. Last weekend definitely met all of our expectations.

The best part of the GlobalMBA is the actually business visits we participate in each selected country. Usually the visits are day trips; however, our Chinese business visits turned into a mid- week and weekend affair! It was thoughtfully planned out, and we traveled by bus to Shenyang, China on Wednesday.

on the bus..
on the bus..

Six hours later we finally arrived there eager to see the new city. Unfortunately my health was not on my side, and all I managed to do the first night was eat dinner with the girls. According to the rest of the girls, though, the girls night out was quite the success.

The next morning we woke up bright and early for our business visit to Brilliance Auto.¬†Brilliance Auto Group is an automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Shenyang, China. Its products include automobiles, microvans, and automotive components. We had a VIP tour of the plant… it was great…except for the fact that none of the factory was running that day. It was a bit comical walking through an empty plant; however, the panel discussion held after lunch was extremely beneficial. Six employees from all different branches in the company shared us their projects, experiences, struggles, and accomplishments in their fields. We learned alot about Guanxi and how it plays a large role in Chinese business. To learn more about Guanxi, click here!

That night we treated the Chinese students to famous Hot Pot at a traditional restaurant. It was great fun; check out the pictures!

Yes, I ate pig's brain
Yes, I ate pig’s brain
roomies in our apron's
roomies in our apron’s

On the second day we made our way to the Chinese BMW Plant. We had a first hand take on the production of the 300 series which really fascinated me as I was able to see how my car was produced! The tour guide was informative and open to all questions. I think the Germans really enjoyed this visit the most. There were over 200 German staff members so it was nice for the Germans to sit at lunch with some of the BMW workers and feel a little bit of home all the way in China.

all geared up for the factory visit
all geared up for the factory visit


introducing BMW's newest employees
introducing BMW’s newest employees

After the visit, one of our Chinese classmates, Christina, invited us to spend the weekend with her family. I hear it was the most wonderful time, but unfortunately my health was still not in my favor. Even though I was not able to experience her Chinese home, I want to reiterate the notion that our cohort acts as a family and being able to spend time at a fellow classmate’s home will occur frequently throughout the program. I can’t wait until it is my turn in America!

Until next time,

Katie Beth


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