Keeping Busy in Florida

Hey everyone; happy Wednesday! It is currently sunny and warm here at UNF. I have never experienced such incredible weather in school before since I attended my undergraduate degree in the mountains in Tennessee. Seriously, the weather in Florida is incredible. My roommates and I live in the Osprey Village, which is centrally located on campus. There also is a pool right outside our apartment. Pool days can be great hour or two breaks in between classes.

Unfortunately we have not been able to spend as much time as we wanted relaxing. The end of the program is coming. It seriously is crunch time. The entire GlobalMBA is working at full speed as we try to get everything accomplished for our UNF coursework and our thesis as well. It is terrifying to think our final thesis submission is less than a month away! (Novemeber 13). My best advice to future globals, once you get to UNF, work on at least a page or two each week. The worst thing you can do is save it for the bitter end. School coursework is especially adding up as well. Here is a breakdown of our course work:

International Management: group project where we introduce a new product into a country that heavily emphasizes the country’s culture

Business Environment: USA: many business visits to companies in Jacksonville including Jaxport, PGA Golf Tours, and Toyota to name a few.

Advanced Strategic Management: Bi-weekly business simulation game where you must run a company. This takes up the most time as each meeting is nearly two hours.

Modeling and Management Operations: Incorporating a process management technique into a company in need of help. Our group finds this most challenging, as none of us are Six Sigma experts.

Oh one last thing, in the midst of all the school work the GlobalMBA’s are also in the process of applying for jobs too. This means resumes, cover letters, and interview skills must be perfect.

As you can see, this semester is filled with intense team projects, team thesis, and individual assignments, readings, tests, and job searches altogether. It is very important to keep up with your time management skills. Do not worry– there is still time for a little fun as well.

Until next time,

Katie Beth


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