We made it!

It is hard to believe we graduate tomorrow! The time really flew by. To be honest, I am thankful to be in my home country for the end of the program. Therefore, I do not need to prepare for one huge flight across the globe. I actually am excited to announce that I will be moving to Washington DC after Christmas! I accepted an offer as an Economist for IHS Global Insight.

Frankly, job searching while finishing up your last semester for the Global MBA was not the easiest task. Not only were critical assignments, tests, classes, and group projects due, but we also were turning in our final thesis! The Globals were very fortunate to have such patience and understanding with our situations. In fact, many of the other Globals have landed some awesome positions in Delaware, Florida, Spain, and Ireland (this is all that has been brought to my attention but I am sure there is more good news!)IMG_5540

Anyways, it is such a relief to have all exams and papers done. The thesis defense is also completely finished as well. I think many people were nervous about the defense because it was uncertain what kinds of questions the professors would be asking. All in all, I believe each team did an impressive job. We really learned a lot. Plus we all looked nice while doing it!

Looking back on the program, I am sad that it has concluded. I think I will miss the constant interaction with my classmates, and I will miss the great times spent with my new friends. Luckily we have social media so it is certain we will all keep in touch. I am really looking forward to the next Global MBA reunion!




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