We made it!

It is hard to believe we graduate tomorrow! The time really flew by. To be honest, I am thankful to be in my home country for the end of the program. Therefore, I do not need to prepare for one huge flight across the globe. I actually am excited to announce that I will be […]

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Keeping Busy in Florida

Hey everyone; happy Wednesday! It is currently sunny and warm here at UNF. I have never experienced such incredible weather in school before since I attended my undergraduate degree in the mountains in Tennessee. Seriously, the weather in Florida is incredible. My roommates and I live in the Osprey Village, which is centrally located on […]

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Back in America

Hello, I hope everyone is having a fantastic Labor Day weekend. I just arrived home from an amazing weekend catching up with some of my sorority sisters from my undergraduate college. I can not believe I had not seen them in over a year! Needless to say, there was some major catching up to do. […]

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Business Visits in China

Da Jia Hao! I hope the week is treating you well; only one more day until Friday! I am currently in my favorite cafe sipping on a CocaCola Zero. It might be my third one, but who is to judge? In only a matter of two weeks I will be on my flight traveling back […]

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Keeping Busy in Dalian

nĭ hăo! That means hello in Chinese! The GlobalMBA14 cohort has successfully settled into Dalian. We have been here for about three weeks now. At this point, I think everyone is comfortable with their living situation, the crazy traffic, and the unusual food choices (except for the pig liver I accidentally tried yesterday!). We have also […]

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The struggle is real

Good afternoon from Warsaw! Hopefully everyone has had an exceptional weekend; can’t say I have had any complaints. Most of the cohort is currently on an Erasmus arranged trip to Budapest, Hungary this weekend. Although our program is not through Erasmus, it is great how we are able to be included in these economical trips. […]

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Keeping Healthy Habits Abroad

Greeting from Warsaw! Today is a great day for many reasons. First off, the winter blues has finally subsided. It is extremely warm and sunny; you wouldn’t believe how many more people are outside walking and riding their bikes. Secondly, the second (no pun intended) metro line finally opened. I found it incredible that the […]

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